Published and forthcoming works


Articles in peer reviewed International journals

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Books and policy reports

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Articles in peer reviewed International journals

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Books and policy reports

Edmark, K (2015), ”Vägval när det gäller marknadsmekanismer i utbildningssystemet”, Uppdragsrapport till LOs rapportserie ”Full sysselsättning och solidarisk lönepolitik”.


Articles in peer reviewed International journals

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Books and policy reports

Alstadsæter, A, M Jacobs and A Vejsiu (2014), 3:12-Corporations in Sweden: The Effects of the 2006 Tax Reform on Investments, Job Creation and Business Start-ups. Report to the Expert Group on Public Economics (ESO) 2014:2, Swedish Ministry of Finance. Fritzes, Stockholm

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Articles in peer reviewed International journals

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Books and policy reports

Dahlberg, M and H Lundqvist (2013), ”Politikers egenskaper och privatisering av välfärdstjänster” i H Jordahl (red) Välfärdstjänster i privat regi: Framväxt och drivkrafter, SNS, Stockholm.

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