PhD course in Public Economics, Spring term 2014

Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies, Norwegian Center for Taxation (Bergen) and Oslo Fiscal Studies are together with Professor Jukka Pirttilä, University of Tampere, organizing a PhD course in Public Economics in the spring of 2014. The organizers invite PhD students in economics from all the Nordic countries to attend the course.

The deadline for registration for the Oslo week is February 7. For further information and to register, please, go to (or google Oslo Fiscal Studies, see PhD courses in Public Economics), or, in the event of problems, send an email to Marianne L. Johansson ( with information about your name, working address, e-mail, where you are a PhD student.

The deadline for registration for the Uppsala week is April 11. Send an email to Katarina Grönvall ( with information about your name, working address, e-mail, where you are a PhD student. Students who want to present a paper should submit a copy of the paper to Katarina Grönvall by April 14.


UPPSALA May 13-16, 2014
Reading List

Empirical Methods in Public Economics:Labor Supply Topics in Public Economics
Jukka Pirttila, University of Tampere and UNU-WIDER

Taxes, redistribution and incentives: what changes when we take a dynamic perspective?
Mike Brewer, University of Essex & Institute for Fiscal Studies

Multinationals and pro…t shifting: 60 ways to cheat the tax man
Guttorm Schjelderup Norwegian School of Economics and Norwegian Center of Taxation

Lecture on Taxable Income Elasticities, PhD Course in Uppsala
Hakan Selin, Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy

Numerical simulations in optimal income tax model
Matti Tuomala, University of Tampere

Computational Public Economics
Spencer Bastani, Department of Economcs Uppsala University