Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies

Department of Economics
Uppsala University
Kyrkogårdsgatan 10
S-753 13 Uppsala

Sören Blomquist

Scientific Advisory Board
Fredrik Andersson
Clemens Fuest
Henrik Jacobsen Kleven
Jukka Pirttilä
Guttorm Schjelderup

E-mail: ucfs@nek.uu.se

Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies

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Founded in 2008, The Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies (UCFS) is a research unit organized around a small set of 'core' members and affiliated members. In addition there is an ambitious visitors program. The center supports research in all areas of public economics with a strong focus on taxation. The Center provides a forum for Swedish and international scholars to interact and conduct research. The Director of the Center is Sören Blomquist, Professor of Economics at Uppsala University.

Upcoming events

UCFS Public Seminar, Giacomo Corneo, Free University, Berlin

Tue., March 3
"Democratic redistribution and rule of the majority"
Time: 13:15, Place: F433

New top publication

Etienne Lehmann, Laurent Simula and Alain Trannoy

Tax Me If You Can! Optimal Nonlinear Income Tax between Competing Governments, Quarterly Journal of Economics (forthcoming)


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